The Basics Of lighting Melbourne Homes

The importance of lighting cannot be overstated enough. There is a big difference between a room that is only lit using a single light bulb and a room that uses layered lighting in the form of pendant lighting, floor lamps, table lamps, and task lamps. The former room will ooze an aura of splendour, warmth, and creativity, which enhance the general interior design and feel.

However, as any light designer will advise you, it is not a matter of stuffing numerous sources of lights. What matters most is creating a blend and balance of light sources that create the effect you are after. Herein we will explore some of the golden rules that you need to have in mind when it comes to lighting Melbourne homes.

Lighting Melbourne - Living Room | SatelightLighting Your Living Room

Lighting plays a huge role with regards to creating an ambience in any living room. Different styles of lighting complement the overall design in the room in various ways. As such, the main goal is to use lighting that complements the main theme and design of your living room.

Another golden rule is to have ample lighting. Most homeowners do not have ample light sources in their living rooms, thereby reducing the dramatic effect that lighting can have on the overall interior designs. To this end, choose a blend of table lamps, floor lamps, string lights (for instance, along with the skirting and shelf), and recessed and candle lights.

It is important to keep note of the fact that choosing the right wattage and the correct positioning of the light fixtures are important considerations. You want your living room to have just the right amount of lighting. Over-lighting your living room will make it cold and somewhat uninviting, while a dimly-lit living room ill ooze an aura of gloom. As such, choose bulbs that produce warm white colour lighting with the colour temperature ranging between 2700k and 2000K.

Lighting Melbourne Dining Rooms

The first consideration you need to have in mind is that dining rooms serve other purposes other than providing an area for family members to gather around and have dinner together. Increasingly, more and more people are using their dining rooms as home offices. As such, you lighting choices should meet all the needs associated with the use of the room.

To this end, you should ensure that the dining table is even and well lit. You may need to use more than one pendant light bulb. Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that the overall wattage of illumination will increase with each additional pendant fixture. As such, choose lower wattage bulbs so as not over-light the room or choose smart bulbs with dimming capabilities. Such bulbs will allow you to set the illumination as you deem suitable.

Lighting Melbourne Kitchens

Even though the kitchen area is increasingly fusing with the living area of typical houses, they still remain functional spaces. As such, they should be well lit to ensure carrying tasks in the kitchen is unimpeded. As such, place a premium on lighting up the cooking area and the benchtops.

While doing this, ensure that there are no shadows being formed. You can use multiple lights on either side of the benchtop and the cooktop, which ensures you have even lighting and zero shadows. It is also important to avoid glares. As such, choose lighting that direct light where it is needed. Also, position the lighting to negate glares.

Furthermore, you can use under-cupboard lighting to indirectly illuminate your kitchen. This kind of lighting comes in handy when you need lower levels of lighting when this area is not in use. If your kitchen has an island benchtop, you can use pendants to accentuate the overall design of the room. Finally, consider using energy efficient LED bulbs as lights in this part of the house tend to stay on longer.

Lighting Melbourne Bedrooms

The trick when lighting your bedroom is to use a balanced source of lighting by using bedside lamps and ceiling pendants. It is also important you use bulbs that produce warm colours. This kinds of bulbs create an ambience conducive for sleeping.

Lighting Melbourne Bathrooms

The main consideration when designing bathroom lighting is to use IP rated bulbs and or position the bulbs away from the sources of steam and splashes of water. Additionally, you can have two light sources to reduce shadowing when using the mirror.

Outside Lighting

Lighting the outdoors can be for security reasons or for aesthetics. As such, you should add lights to your garden, the footpath, and near the trees. This kind of lighting improves the security of your front and backyards and adds a sense of dimension to these areas.