Can Seafood Sticks Be Good For You?

seafood sticks dish

Tuna, Crab stick and Squid Sashimi By Debbie Tingzon (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0]

A lot of people are tempted to make seafood sticks a part of their regular diet. After all, seafood is healthy; these sticks should be too. These sticks are very easy to cook, and can be a great way to make a meal in a pinch.

But are seafood sticks good for you? Will preparing sticks like this help your diet, or wind up hurting it?

Ultimately, the answer to that question lies in the seafood sticks you’re cooking. Keep these things in mind the next time you go grocery shopping.

  1. Always Read The Ingredient ListA lot of seafood sticks are little more than frozen breaded seafood. Products like this are a great buy. Frozen seafood is able to retain most of its nutrients, so it can be nearly as healthy as something that you prepared from scratch.However, not all frozen seafood products on the market have a small list of ingredients. Some products are backed full of all kinds of chemicals and preservatives.

    If the product you see is full of natural ingredients, it’s safe for you to assume that it is good for you. However, if it contains a lot of ingredients that you can’t pronounce, you may want to look for something else instead.

  1. Pay Close Attention To The Serving SizeA lot of people assume that seafood sticks are healthy after they take a glance at the nutritional information. If something is low calorie and doesn’t contain too much sodium, it can certainly look like a healthy eating choice.Unfortunately, some brands are deceptive when it comes to serving sizes. If the serving size is one stick, but you’d be eating several, it may not be a healthy choice at all. On the contrary, you may be filling your plate with calories.

    When you read over the nutritional information, look at the serving size as well. Do the math and figure out exactly how many calories you will be consuming when you sit down for a seafood stick meal.

  1. It’s All About The Side DishesIf you enjoy seafood sticks but aren’t sure about their nutritional value, try to supplement your meal with something that is healthy. If you eat a healthy side dish along with your fish, you should wind up feeling pretty good after you finish your meal.A lot of people wind up pairing seafood sticks with french fries, which can be fairly unhealthy even when they’re baked. It can be better to pair them with some kind of vegetable. Using frozen vegetables is easy, but fresh vegetables can be even better.

    If seafood sticks are a treat for you, consider complimenting that treat with something that’s extremely nutritious. Seafood pairs beautifully with foods like asparagus and spinach. It can even compliment a fresh fruit salad! Try to pair it with a low-calorie side dish that will add all kinds of helpful nutrients to your next meal.

  1. Go Shopping In The Right PlacesYou might have a hard time finding healthy seafood sticks at your local grocery store. There’s a good chance that most of the products you will find on store shelves will be stuffed full with ingredients that you’re trying hard to avoid.With that said, if you have your heart set on finding healthier options, you should take a look at your local health food store. A lot of health food stores have restrictions about the kind of foods that can be sold there. Any frozen products that they carry will have to meet certain nutritional requirements.

    While there’s no way to guarantee that the seafood sticks at a health food store will be good for you, you’ll have a much higher chance of finding healthy choices there than you will when you shop at a supermarket.

  1. Pick The Right Types Of FishSome types of fish are better suited to being frozen than others. Look for a healthy fish that will taste great in frozen form.If the seafood stick that you see is simply labeled as “seafood” or “fish,” you may want to stay away from it. It’s probably a mix of various fishes as well as an artificial ingredient.

    However, if the frozen fish is labeled as cod, flounder, or halibut, there’s a very high chance that it will be good for you.


There are a lot of unhealthy seafood sticks on the market, but that doesn’t mean that better options don’t exist. You can find very nutritious seafood sticks if you take the time to look for them.

Are seafood sticks good for you? They can be. Just make sure you always take a close look at the ingredients and nutritional information. That way, you’ll be able to find sticks that will help your health.