Why Doesn’t Chipotle Have Seafood At Their Restaurant

Burrito served in a plate

Chipotle is a fast food chain, one that sells burritos and tacos. It is a business that was once known for its key slogan, food with integrity but has recently come under some controversy. Started back in 1993, this Colorado-based company was once connected to McDonald’s and now has almost 2000 locations. They employ 45,000 people, and the company produces $4.5 billion a year in revenue, one of the more successful fast food chains in existence today. Let’s go over what they sell, what that controversy was, and finally, explain why they will never have seafood at the restaurant.

Origins of Chipotle

Founded by a man by the name of Steve Ells, this restaurant has grown quite large in recent years. All of the food that they produce comes from organic produce, naturally raised meats, and any of the dairies that are used in the production of the food that they serve will not have bovine growth hormone. The chicken that is used only comes from the thigh and leg, which means they only have dark meat available.

Controversy Surrounding The Company

This company has had a bit of controversy in recent years. It was actually the focus of a multistate E. coli outbreak. This has since been cleared up, however, it did cause many people to avoid the restaurant, despite the fact that stock prices have actually been increasing in value. This was handled and everything is now tested with much stricter parameters, ensuring the safety of their patrons. There is actually a reason that this restaurant will not sell seafood, and it may not be what you think.

Why Chipotle Will Not Sell Seafood

It will not sell seafood for a couple of different reasons. First of all, they do not have any freezers. Fish that is going to last must be frozen and placed in freezers until it is needed, and this is simply not available at their restaurants. The second reason is that they do not like to change their menu, despite the fact that fish is a healthy alternative that many people prefer. For both of these reasons, there will not be any changes in the near future in regard to allowing seafood to be sold at Chipotle.

Chipotle began with very humble beginnings, a restaurant that was initially going to only have a few fast food restaurants in their chain. After the interaction with McDonald’s, and after breaking away, it has become very popular. Part of the popularity has to do with the type of food that is sold. The other is the notoriety behind its name and logo. People like to eat healthily, and by using only natural ingredients that have not been affected by pesticides or herbicides, not to mention the bovine growth hormone injections that many cows get, this is one of the healthiest places that a person can eat. Despite the E. coli scare not too long ago, this has all been resolved. It is still one of the best restaurants that use all natural ingredients, serving excellent food at reasonable prices.