Easy Fish Dinner Recipes To Make For Your Family

Fish Recipe

When I was eating out at a restaurant the other day, I saw a sign that said that seniors who choose to eat fish twice a week instead of another meat can lessen their risk of heart disease significantly. Now, of course, it’s not just senior citizens who need to eat fish more often but everyone. Thankfully, there are quite a few awesome easy fish recipes out there that you can make for dinner. That way you can get your weekly portions of fish and reap the other health benefits, too.

I’m looking at one fish recipe right now that incorporates creamy bowtie pasta along with salmon chunks. There are many easy recipes with salmon, as all you have to do is grill it with your favorite spices. I mentioned in an article earlier that I really like salmon and mashed potatoes. You can also fix salmon and a side of shrimp and a vegetable side of your choice. It’s not only a healthy serving of fish, but it’s one of the best tasting out there.

Cooking fish in breadcrumbs is a healthy alternative to frying fish. I would personally recommend still eating fried fish sometimes, however, because it tastes so good. There is one recipe I’m looking at right now with another one of my favorite fish, cod, that has almond thyme breadcrumbs with roasted cod. That sounds delicious, too!

Tilapia is another favorite fish of many people. One of the key restaurants in the city I live in serves up a fish sandwich and tilapia is the fish they put on that sandwich instead of cod. Personally, I like cod better, but tilapia is good as well. As a matter of fact, one of the easiest and best ways to have tilapia is by grilling a tilapia filet with paprika as the spice. The recipe where I got this from also uses Parmesan polenta.

Back to salmon for a minute, can you imagine tasting Maple Glazed Salmon? I just found that recipe, and I’ve never tried it before. It sounds very delicious, a great combination. There is also a fish and sour cream bake that I noticed that was an easy fish dinner recipe as well.

Baked Scallops brings in a different taste to the mix, although I’m not a huge fan of scallops. I’m trying to give as many recipes as I can, however, because people like different things. There are plenty of people that like scallops. And now onto the next recipe, which is a dish you’ll find on the menu at restaurants quite often, down to the juices and spices. Have you ever had cilantro and lime shrimp?

I love all kinds of shrimp dishes, and shrimp are easy to cook. Have you ever had coconut shrimp? I love this dish, and you don’t have to make it as sweet as some people do. No matter what easy fish recipes you decide to make, you’re going to enjoy a delicious dinner.