Seafood Platters Of All Kinds Make For Delicious Meals

Seafood Menu

I’m a sucker for a good seafood platter, are you? I live on the East Coast in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and there are some great seafood restaurants over this way for sure. Some people go for the more exotic fish and other types of seafood, but I’ll take my fried cod or flounder filet. Fish n’ chips is my favorite seafood platter, hands down.

I also love fried catfish, but I get that back in Texas when I visit family, as the freshwater selections are more prevalent there. What is your favorite type of seafood? I also love crab, and there are some great seafood buffets here, too. Another menu item I think is scrumptious is coconut shrimp.

Are you looking for a good restaurant, or would you rather make your seafood at home? There are some excellent seafood recipes you can try. For starters, I love me some shrimp fettuccine alfredo, even though the chicken version still wins in my opinion. A nice chilled shrimp cocktail is really easy to get going, and it sure is delicious. And, you don’t have to cook that one!

There are more shrimp pasta dishes besides shrimp fettuccine alfredo, too. Shrimp fried rice is another good choice that you can make quite easily for a nice dinner, and it’s cheap. Have you ever tried fried tuna cakes? I haven’t either, but the picture I’m seeing looks delicious.

All this talk about seafood, and I’m still forgetting one of my favorite dishes, until now. I love baked salmon and mashed potatoes. I still enjoy my fried cod or flounder as my favorite seafood plate, but you can’t go wrong with baked salmon. Furthermore, baked salmon can be made so many different ways. I’ve honestly never made this dish myself, but it sure is delicious.

With a little flour, lemon juice, salt and pepper, you can make a delicious halibut filet according to this one recipe. I’ve honestly never tried halibut, but it’s always been the ‘butt’ of some of my jokes thanks to Family Guy. Still, you would not believe how delicious this picture of a fried halibut filet looks.

While grilled seafood platters are healthier for us all, I definitely loved me some fried seafood. Fried seafood options help me expand my horizons a little, too, especially when it comes to oysters. I’m not going to eat raw oysters! I don’t care how they are served. I will, however, eat fried oysters. Give me a platter with fried oysters, fried clam strips and whatever else you want to put on there, and I’m good to go.

To me, a good seafood plate needs good sauces. It’s not just about the food choices, but you need good sauces, and that starts with tartar sauce. If you don’t know a good tartar sauce or how to make the best, then that’s no good at all. Some of the tartar sauces at the stores are just not great at all. They pass, but they have an aftertaste. There are some good ones though of course.

At one of my favorite seafood restaurants in Myrtle Beach, the server knows me and makes the tartar sauce for me when I show up there to eat. She is such a sweetheart. She says the tartar sauce there isn’t any good, and so she makes up some for me in a dish. She did that the first time I came there, and she has since been given the nickname ‘the tartar sauce queen.’ That is where I get my fish and chips platter most of the time, unless I go to a fast food restaurant to save time and money.