Tips When Booking Your Wedding Makeup Artist

Your wedding days is one of the most important days of your life, if not the most important. A wedding will mean having to invest a lot of money and time in the process – and there is a good chance you will be going with the best quality in every aspect. It is normal to want the best for your wedding because it is a day celebrating the starting of a new life with the person you love.

There is a good chance you are spending a lot of money on photography because you want every part of the wedding to be captured perfectly well. You also want to look amazing in those photos.

This is why it is important to choose a professional makeup artist who will be able to bring the best out of your look. Makeup artists have the experience needed to make your skin look flawless and able to nail a cat eye. This process can be a little tricky.

How can you be sure that the artist going to work on you knows what you are looking for? Especially if you are not sure yourself. Here are some great tips that will help you.


Find a Makeup Artist Earlier Than You Think

It can sometimes seem a little intense when you have to book a makeup artist before finding the venue for your wedding. But this is a good idea because you will have enough time for consultation – and you can even get makeup trials if you want them – this ensures you know what to expect on your wedding day. There is no need to wait last minute then choose a makeup artist last minute who will not be able to do it the way you want. You need to find a makeup artist who will be able to bring the best out of your look, and you feel good about the work they do. It will take some time and research to find the right makeup artist.


Do Your Research

Even if you have created a board on Pinterest that has your dream makeup looks, you have no guarantee that they will look the same way on your face. In the same way, going online and searching “best wedding makeup artist” does not mean that you will get a makeup artist you need. You should be looking for a makeup artist who has been consistently working on actual brides. The photos that they sometimes display might have been on models and the photos retouched to look perfect. You need to look good on your wedding day in person so you look great both on the wedding day and the photos. It is tough to pull this off when you choose the wrong makeup artist.


Makeup Artist - Airlie & Co.

Makeup Consultation

The budget of a wedding can sometimes be tight, and you might be tempted to skip on the $200 consultation. This is not a good approach to take because you might end up regretting later. This is like trying out one wedding dress. Going for this consultations will help because you will not be met by surprises on the wedding day because you know the look you are going to get is the same you choose.


Be Smart When Spraying Tan

You should be very careful when it comes to tan because you can easily mess it up. You should properly schedule it so you have enough time for the tan to set in. Do not be tempted to go out and get a tiny bit of color because tanning causes burning which will cause peeling, which is bad news if you suffer a sunburn.


Step Up Your Skincare Routine

Taking good care of your skin is something that all makeup artist will advise you. You should work on any underlying skin health issues by cleaning up your diet and regular facials. You should also aim to drink a ton of water weeks before your wedding day. The small things you ignore do have the biggest impact on your look.


It is important to start early because you will be able to improve on many aspects of your look. You will also be able to find the right makeup artist for you.